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There was no such 70% majority. That is the fact of what happened, and I am sure we will continue to be in contact with the authorities in Zimbabwe as they deal with a very difficult situation, and we think, you know, it needs careful attention and some serious policy (decisions).
Thomas Dawson

We are on the winning track. Zimbabwe is on the verge of massive and decisive change.
Morgan Tsvangirai

WOZA was started to give Zimbabwean women a voice and platform with which to exercise their rights. At this time in Zimbabwe, where things are very tough economically, socially, politically we felt that women were bearing the brunt of that crisis and should have the loudest voice in shouting out and holding the political leaders accountable for what they've unleashed.
Jenni Williams

that there were conflicting allegations on the situation in Zimbabwe
Jonathan Moyo

There is a revolutionary mood pregnant with expectations in the country. The people of Zimbabwe will not accept anything short of a revolution.
Arthur Mutambara

We paid for underrating Zimbabwe and Angola. We now have the chance to prove ourselves again.
Augustine Eguavoen