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Steroids Quotes

We stressed to the kids the right way to do things. We talked about the negative effects and why you don?t want to do steroids. It?s cheating -- and certainly not a way to improve yourself.
Dean Owens

You don't need steroids to bunt like he does. He's the furthest guy I would have ever thought.
Brandon Inge

This is a conspiracy involving chemists, coaches and certain athletes using what they developed to be 'undetectable' designer steroids to defraud their fellow competitors and the American and world public who pay to attend sporting events,
Terry Madden

He (Smith) better get doctors, pharmacists and players who took steroids to all be in the room because until you have information from all of those people, the discussion isn't worth a damn.
Mike Schmidt

If they had a month [notice before testing] and were taking short-acting [steroids], they may or may not get picked up,
Gary Wadler

There were no stimulants, steroids or erythropoietin (EPO) found.
Arne Ljungqvist