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Bobby Kielty
I didn't come in here to planning to be the fifth outfielder. That wasn't what I had in mind. ... I feel like every spring training I've had a shot to be a starting guy, so this is a little different for me -- and it's well-deserved, because the last few years I haven't put up the numbers I need to.
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Bobby Knight
We don't have any physical description. We don't know how many subjects were involved, which is mind boggling, with all those people around,
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Ralph Waldo Emerson
To the dull mind nature is leaden. To the illumined mind the whole world burns and sparkles with light.
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Brett Rumford
They just simplify things and you can go out there and play with a clear mind. Whether it is mental, physical or technique, you have to keep working on that one percent to try and get the edge on your opponents.
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I don't mind this course, but I definitely like the course at PGA National.
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Brian Aldiss
Keep violence in the mind where it belongs
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Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.
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W. Clement Stone,
Keep your mind on your objective, and persist until you succeed. Study, think and plan.
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It's such an invasion of privacy, ... You feel like Big Brother's watching you. It baffles my mind. I'm such an open book, you want to know something, you ask.
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I'm confident that we will be back in this market in 2007. We want to keep an open mind and an open dialogue and do what we can to get back in this market in 2007. -- there are hurdles to overcome.
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Brooks Robinson
I wouldn't mind seeing someone erase my record of hitting into four triple plays.
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Carl Gustav Jung
Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering.
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I know they're coming after me and I don't mind, as long as it's clean.
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.
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Coming back from this injury has been difficult, ... Those thoughts have been in my mind, but I have to put that behind me and just say those are freak accidents and won't happen again. Now I am more conscious of how I treat my body off the field, and that will help.
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I can't even spell spaghetti never mind talk Italian. How could I tell an Italian to get the ball? He might grab mine.
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Napoleon Hill
Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.
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I told him I was starting all over again, and if you don't mind I wanted to get it started up there.
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I think if I really put my mind to it I probably did think I would be, but under what conditions, ... I expect to be doing this until I drop or become incapacitated. I don't make any more defined plans than that.
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And we see 50 to 80 percent walk out with a peace of mind with the drug benefit.
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In my mind, it's a goal-line offense, and they run it in the middle of the field. It can be very difficult to stop at times.
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A.J. Burnett
I was really blown away how J.P. spoke about the things he had in mind for this team.
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We already have a value set in our mind; that is not a factor at all. We know exactly what we do and we have a way of doing our business.
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You've got to put it out of your mind.
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I don't mind (struggling at the plate now) because that is when you learn. You don't learn anything when you're hitting hot. Then it's just happening. It's when they make adjustments to you, that's when you have to make adjustments to them. Obviously it's not fun but I've learned more since I started to struggle.
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Toward the end of September, the finger was pretty much gone from the mind, and pitches were starting to come back to where they were. I felt good about going into the postseason, but obviously came up short.
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The first thing they asked me was, 'Where are we?' ... The first thing that came to my mind was Florida, but that's who we were playing.
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It's nice to get to work with a clear mind,
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In my mind, his strength, passion and relentless work ethic have never been more evident than this past summer when, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Trent rushed home and was an anchor of strength in a region still reeling from that devastating storm.
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Though we think bedtime is the last thing on anyone's mind while on a Royal Caribbean cruise, we do realize that sleeping well is essential to our guest's vacation experience.
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