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Pyramid of piffle [no, not his views on Liverpool but a report Petronella Wyatt was his mistress]
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Liverpool made it in the end. We are in the middle and there's still a long way to go. But we will try to follow them as much as we can and take advantage of the example that they showed us.
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We know the situation we're in and the gap there is now. We're 10 points behind Liverpool and it will be very hard for us to make that up. We do have Liverpool and Spurs at home still, so hopefully we can make the gap smaller but we know how tough it will be now.
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Claudio Reyna
It just happens to be like that. It doesn't make any difference to me. It's just worked out that way. I was pushing to be back for the Liverpool game and it was just a little bit too soon. So Sunday just happens to be one of my former clubs, and it's always nice to get a good reception from the fans. I got a good reception when I played there this season, and that was nice.
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I've had a fair time to judge the Liverpool people and I think they're tremendous.
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We are ready for Liverpool but they will be two very tough games, we know that,
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[The Liverpool, N.Y., native has had his ups and downs, seeking a chance to stick in the AHL. He was the MVP of the 1998 Memorial Cup as his Guelph team lost in overtime in the championship game. He has one appearance already, a 32-minute relief stint opening night. He allowed two goals on 12 shots in the Sound Tigers' 8-1 debacle. In the preseason, he stopped 22 of 26 shots in two halves of games.] (Playing opening night helps) a little bit. Exhibition is not bad, but the regular season is a quicker game, ... It's good to get out there and get a feel for the game a little bit.
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