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The first grand prix weekend of 2006 has been a shocking way to start the year.
Tsutomu Tomita
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My goal is to create an event that will be the Oshkosh or Grand Prix of space an event that will attract space fans and families from around the world who want to come and see these rocket-powered ships fly, and meet the entrepreneurs building them,
Peter Diamandis
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I always enjoy the Brazilian Grand Prix it was a formative part of growing up, watching great racing there on television, particularly in the Senna-McLaren era.
Mark Webber
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Finally 'my' Grand Prix, where I absolutely need an excellent <br/> result. It will not be easy with the high level my rivals are at, but I <br/> would really like things to go back in the right direction for me and the <br/> team. I really like this race and I think the most attractive parts of it <br/> are the hard braking at the end of the longest straight. That's where you <br/> can gain or lose most of the time. I'm sure that we'll have fun, I only ask <br/> for fortune to be with me.
Makoto Tamada
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Everyone at Williams believes he will bring significant improvements to the team's performance, on grand prix Fridays in particular, and to our testing program in general.
Frank Williams
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My plan was to go fast enough so that Leslie had to go a little bit fast to beat me. My horse is a young horse. Thursday was his first grand prix. He's a bit of a hot horse so if I go real fast, he'll lose his mind a little bit. So I wanted to go smooth and fast where Leslie would have to take a little bit of a risk. It didn't work today. But he tried hard and we'll learn from that experience.
Beezie Madden
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