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If you fail to arrest problems when you first find them you end up in a situation of either having to go along with bigger violations in the future, or of standing up to the client and correcting it. Of course doing that involves both embarrassment to the firm and the auditor.
Thomas Newkirk

Our parks system has so much potential that we ignore and we should be stepping up to the plate and making sure it's a draw in terms of tourism and not an embarrassment.
Sen. Resor

I'd be embarrassed I think we'd all be embarrassed to compare our challenges to those we've seen on the news reports of people who remained in New Orleans who have gone through the suffering they have gone through. It brings tears to your eyes to see your peers, the people in your city, your fans, that have suffered so much. So for us to complain about anything would be an embarrassment to ourselves.
Mickey Loomis

Changing my diet changed my life. I want to get digestive problems out in the open so people can get help. Most Americans are literally dying from embarrassment because they are too embarrassed to discuss what's going on in the bathroom with their doctor.
Brenda Watson

It would be a pure embarrassment for Disney's board to do something like that, ... I doubt they would do that. They'd better not.
Ted Parrish

The embarrassing thing is that the salad dressing is out-grossing my films.
Paul Newman