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I was proud of our team's effort. There were a couple of plays that I thought we botched there at the end that could've given us a better chance. But, I can't fault our guys' effort and how they competed. Duke played well down the stretch when they needed to and J.J. made all of the big plays.
Frank Haith

I am institutionally and intestinally against huge blocks of inherited wealth. I don't think we need a Viscount of Enron or the Duke of Microsoft.
Frank Keating

I think a lot of people have been spoiled because of Duke's success over the years. We've had a lot of talent since I've been here but that's not the case this year. We understand we have to be more mentally strong than we've been before.
Daniel Ewing

It was more of being winded, ... We were planning on trying to get Duke in there even more than we did. So it was, 'Give Duke a chance there at the end,' and he got a couple reps.
Chris Villarrial

Duke really had a fantastic crowd and made it tough for us to get a win on the road. It was a great environment for college tennis and I am really proud of the way our guys competed tonight.
Brad Dancer

This, of course, is a very special year for Duke in many ways.
Brad Horn