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Ralph Waldo Emerson
A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence
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Thandie Newton
I just feel like it's got to be about the process and about the doing of it, rather than be about how it's going to be perceived. It's got to be about what it feels like at the time of actually making that project, because just a few times I've worked on projects because I think that it will seem great, or it will be a really good career move or about perception and I haven't had a good time.
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David Ogilvy
If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative.
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Dan Quayle
No more fuzzy math where four plus three feels like seven. It is seven. No more creative spelling either, I've tried that and it doesn't work
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Carl Rogers
The very essence of the creative is its novelty, and hence we have no standard by which to judge it.
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Carl Gustav Jung
Creative powers can just as easily turn out to be destructive. It rests solely with the moral personality whether they apply themselves to good things or to bad. And if this is lacking, no teacher can supply it or take its place.
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These are economic issues that should get resolved. There are creative solutions to every problem. Hopefully between the lending institutions and the city, we'll be able to find creative solutions.
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They throw just about everything at you. They're creative, good players and they make things happen. It's been an exciting line to watch.
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It's part of a very intelligent, creative Iranian strategy - to go on the offense in every way possible and mobilize other actors against the US.
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But this I know; the writer who possesses the creative gift owns something of which he is not always master / something that at times strangely wills and works for itself. If the result be attractive, the World will praise you, who little deserve praise; if it be repulsive, the same World will blame you, who almost as little deserve blame.
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Angela Merkel
Good new environmental technologies can be a creative imperative.
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Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.
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When alone in the jungle of total darkness, there are three things that can show the way, the spirit to survive, knowledge of navigation and the creative imagination.
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This is not going to be a slam dunk for Creative to just go in and get paid.
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He's and excellent creator in one-on-one situations. He's creative and smart.
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because I wanted to still be creative when I was very, very pregnant. I never wanted to make a solo record before. Then I started liking the way it was coming together.
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We told them to be very creative.
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We got very creative -- how do you make sure we provide enough parking and maintain the original plan?
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I wish that what we did was provide an incentive to get here and do something more creative than money for gas. I'm sure it's unintended that they didn't necessarily think about how it fits into the city's goals of how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Flip is a high-energy player and a proven scorer on offense. We expect him to be a creative contributor.
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We think the settlement process is a better way to go. You can get creative. You can take risks.
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We've found creative ways to do some of these other things.
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Katie is a creative, technical player who can impact a game from any position. She is easily one of the top players coming out this year.
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Gardening is another creative outlet for me,
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Albert Einstein
The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.
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We're getting very creative in that regard,
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Our downtown development funding mechanisms have been creative and innovative. There are all these different funding mechanisms that they have accessed that are not readily apparent to communities.
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He's a guy who really fosters creativity and creative product development, which is exactly what is needed right now, ... By streamlining they'll be able to respond to the marketplace as it evolves.
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Edward Albee
The thing that makes a creative person is to be creative and that is all there is to it.
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Toby Keith
It was the most creative thing I've done in a decade.
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