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We're not 'losing' the money we're talking about. That money stays in the community, in the pockets of our constituents. I'm of the opinion they can make a decision on spending it better than we can.
Don Schmidt

I will fight for the issues, I will fight for the constituents in my district, and I'll fight my best fight. We need to accomplish business on the council.
Bob Ryan

It's $3-a-gallon gas that is getting the attention of their constituents and that helps focus the minds in Congress. More Republicans are finally starting to get it that oil dependency is not good for this country.
Jim DiPeso

The things we're looking at are really the things constituents have been requesting for the future.
Gary Tucker

Our rule of thumb is we want to sit down and exchange information and ideas with our constituents. When the intent is simply to embarrass the congressman or get publicity for a group or a cause, we will not participate in that.
Brad Hahn

For me this was a very difficult decision. I had to do a lot of reflection and inner searching. I came to the conclusion that I can best serve Canada and my constituents in this capacity.
Belinda Stronach