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Bobby Mcferrin
I like to use the audience as my color palette, my instrument.
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Oliver Goldsmith
The best way to make your audience laugh is to start laughing yourself.
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Rabindranath Tagore
In the world's audience hall, the simple blade of grass sits on the same carpet with the sunbeams, and the stars of midnight
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His target audience are the people who voted for him in the recall election, but who drifted away. My guess is that those people are willing to put the special election behind them if they see him talking about issues that are more important to them.
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George Carlin
Standing ovations have become far too commonplace. What we need are ovations where the audience members all punch and kick one another.
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It is simplicity that makes the uneducated more effective than the educated when addressing popular audiences.
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We're dealing with fictional characters, and so it's difficult to convey to the audience the sense of urgency. This is the right thing to do for the cast and the audience and the material.
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Dale Carnegie
Tell the audience what you're going to say, say it; then tell them what you've said.
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You can make an audience see nearly anything, if you yourself believe in it.
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God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.
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I think being a movie star is about whether an audience can watch you and care about you.
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It's great when you play to an audience that knows the words to all your songs, and sings them back to you.
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I think its safe to say that Sony is going for the broadest possible audience you can imagine, ... For the year 2000, PlayStation has a pretty big window of opportunity. It is unclear at this point if there is any serious competition.
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We're done engaging the Mormon audience, ... There's just not enough Mormons.
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Muslims' struggles with unemployment, discrimination, and integration have created an audience potentially open to receiving an extremist message.
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It requires wisdom to understand wisdom; the music is nothing if the audience is deaf
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Eleanor Roosevelt
If you have any interests you can gain a wider audience for those interests while the goldfish bowl is yours!
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Bob Hope
The program is nearly over! I can feel the audience is still with me but if I run faster I can shake them off
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William Petersen
We thought we would have a niche audience of loyal viewers like 'X-Files' or 'West Wing.' But we have a huge audience that crosses all kinds of boundaries. It's unique. It's bizarre.
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Alan Alda
I think the audience was aware that even when it was farcical, there was the sense that at some level this was about real experience.
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Mark Twain
There is nothing in the world like a persuasive speech to fuddle the mental apparatus and upset the convictions and debauch the emotions of an audience not practiced in the tricks and delusions of oratory
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there is nothing like a live audience--the combined feeling of elation and being physically spent--that comes from working hard in the theatre.
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Bruce Dickinson
Well, if it's the audience is a bit lagging we kick them in the nuts until they wake up!
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Werner Herzog
I'm making films for an audience out there and a very tiny fraction of them are would-be filmmakers. But let's speak of them-the would-be filmmakers, the tiny fraction. I've witnessed many times when I've showed films and was present at a screening that exactly those people feel very much encouraged by what I'm doing.
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I'm seeing the name Trey. Is anyone in the audience know a Trey? I'm seeing a phrase of a place that you want to go to.
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Lenny Bruce
The role of a comedian is to make the audience laugh, at a minimum of once every fifteen seconds.
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It is not whether you really cry. It's whether the audience thinks you are crying.
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Not content to have the audience in the palm of his hand, he goes one further and clinches his fist.
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It serves the piece to take it away from the literal, it's more dreamlike, the audience has to think a bit more.
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This city provides a wonderful global platform to promote the Olympic movement particularly to a young audience.
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