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Winn Schwartau Quotes

The face of America changes as of today. The face of IT is going to change. A lot of people like to separate the physical and the virtual, they're not (separate).
Winn Schwartau

If you don't have at least a basic detection mechanism, [for example] audit trails, intrusion detection, behavioral anomaly detection, you'll never know if your systems are hit.
Winn Schwartau

Follow-up surveys in England found corresponding responses, while an Australian survey found an even higher percentage of that country's companies to be willing to strike back.
Winn Schwartau

What I have not been able to dig up in the past is how does the human element work in this? Who are the people who keep it alive . . . and how do they relate to each other?
Winn Schwartau

To me this is insanity. This opens the door wide.
Winn Schwartau