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William Winter Quotes

The fault line of race is a paramount factor in keeping us from realizing our potential as a state and as a nation. The elimination of this line is what I think this institute is about. . . . Our task in the final analysis is to cause more of us to look in the mirror.
William Winter

No life can be barren which hears the whisper of the wind in the branches, or the voice of the sea as it breaks upon the shore; and no soul can lack happiness looking up to the midnight stars.
William Winter

Though all the bards of earth were dead,And all their music passed away,What Nature wishes should be saidShe'll find the rightful voice to say.
William Winter

And every grief that mortals shareFound pity in his tenderness.
William Winter

Life is arched with changing skies:Rarely are they what they seem:Children we of smiles and sighs --Much we know, but more we dream.
William Winter

Manners, -- The final and perfect flower of noble character.
William Winter