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I don't think there's a company, a management, an audit committee that hasn't gone back and re-looked at what they're doing. . . . People are really scrutinizing and (want to) really make sure their houses are in order and clean.
William Esrey

We are taking significant steps to reduce our cost structure and sharpen our focus on the products and services that hold the best potential for growth and return on investment,
William Esrey

Each major customer segment -- residential, business and wholesale -- showed continued progress.
William Esrey

Sprint PCS continues to lead the wireless industry with record subscriber growth for three consecutive quarters. This quarter, Sprint PCS increased average revenue per customer while it reduced acquisition and operating costs-per-customer compared to the previous quarter.
William Esrey

I am extremely pleased with Sprint's performance this year, and I continue to be very optimistic about Sprint's future growth,
William Esrey

Half the people in the world have never made a phone call... half.
William Esrey