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Through the GE Healthcare development partnership with Intermountain, Centricity Enterprise's ongoing development and futures work will benefit from the technical and clinical resources of one of the nation's most respected leaders in clinical outcomes management. However, this new strategic partnership does not diminish the need for ongoing dialogue and collaboration with all our EMR customers. We will also continue to provide customers with numerous opportunities to be early adopters of inpatient and ambulatory product offerings. We look forward to introducing powerful new functionality into GE Centricity, to further expanding collaboration with customers, and to significantly benefiting patient care.
Vishal Wanchoo

With computers at every bedside, patient medical records available online, and technology to review cases, the physicians at Pepin are uniquely positioned within the healthcare industry. Using GE's transformational medical technologies can help these physicians make faster and more informed decisions, streamline healthcare costs, reduce medical errors and enhance and improve the quality of patient care.
Vishal Wanchoo

Our relationship with MP4 demonstrates GE's continued commitment to personalized healthcare by providing transformational medical and information technologies to bring our customers closer to their patients.
Vishal Wanchoo

Collecting data around the efficiencies and safety benefits of information technologies continues to demonstrate and accelerate efforts for the implementation of electronic health records.
Vishal Wanchoo

What's fantastic about this marriage is the two product sets are incredibly complementary.
Vishal Wanchoo