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Kennedy used him to mediate on civil rights issues. Ramsey is seen these days as a very polarizing force. But, in fact, one of his talents is mediation and reconciliation.
Victor Navasky
#Civil Rights

Because of its great heritage, it couldn't be written off as radical fringe. It had politics that were beyond the mainstream, but it was part of the woodwork of the establishment.
Victor Navasky

We had one Marxist history teacher who taught a straight Marxist view of history, ... I remember he once asked where diamonds got their value. Someone said, 'because they're beautiful'. He said, 'no, no'. Someone else said, 'supply and demand'. He said, 'no'. Someone else said, 'from the sweat of the workers in the mines!' And he said 'right!'
Victor Navasky

What's bad for the country is always good for The Nation.
Victor Navasky
#American Journalist #Country