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I told my guys there is no pressure on us because we were given a No. 4 seed. I also told them to play with heart because we've won two in a row, but there isn't all that pressure because we are the No. 4 seed.
Troy Powell

It was really exciting to win it again. It's two totally different feelings to play in it and coach in it. I'm a lot more nervous as a coach than I was as a player. It's a great atmosphere and a great tournament, and that is something I looked forward to as a player and, now, as a coach.
Troy Powell
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One thing we did well was we handled their full-court press. They've got a lot of quickness, and they press the whole game.
Troy Powell
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Throughout the year, he helped a lot offensively, and his leadership quality was also huge. He was one guy who really willed us to win a couple of games throughout the season.
Troy Powell

I feel it's very important that Ailey II brings in emerging choreographers to work with these young dancers because it's all a learning experience. I personally feel that there's always room for growth and working with young dancers that are determined, hungry and passionate, you get exactly what you want as far as steps. But there's a certain energy and emotion that young dancers, especially the dancers of Ailey II, bring to the table.
Troy Powell
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