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With the no-huddle offense, it helps to have guys that have been on the field and understand the game because we get a lot of last-minute calls and adjustments, and you're constantly reading defenses. That's obviously something that he excels at.
Trey Teague

You earn respect in this league by playing and playing well. Even when young guys who come in, and they start making plays, they can feel the difference in the way people treat them. Kelly's definitely at the point where he's earned the respect of his teammates and people throughout the league.
Trey Teague

You play these teams that run all these elaborate fronts and blitzes. You've got to know each play against six different looks. So you can't go into a game with so many plays that you don't know everything cold. It's not a matter of trying to trick them. It's a matter of recognizing where they are and doing your job.
Trey Teague
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I'm at the point I want to feel good after a game. We've got a bad taste in our mouths. We've had it there for weeks.
Trey Teague