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[We need to] just play the same way we did in Game 2. Be aggressive and contest every shot.
Trenton Hassell

I was going to donate some money, but to actually come down here and help, hands-on -- you can't beat that feeling.
Trenton Hassell

He's a great coach, but that's a great team, too.
Trenton Hassell

He's got Cleveland on his back right now. He keeps on getting better. His jumper is excellent this year. The best thing he does is make his teammates better.
Trenton Hassell

Defensively, I think it's going to help them big time. You've got a power forward who does all the dirty work. You've got Ruben Patterson, who's one of the best defensive (small forwards) out there.
Trenton Hassell
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If we would have maybe closed some of those games where we had leads going into the fourth, or the last four minutes, we could be right there. We've beaten some good teams. I think if some of those games would have went our way, we'd be in the playoffs, but they didn't. I think we have the talent here. We just have to pull it together and execute better.
Trenton Hassell