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Travis Hedrick Quotes

Little victories lead to bigger victories that affect the battles that eventually win the war. Winning begins small!
Travis Hedrick

Trying to cure the economy by creating new debt is like planting thistle weed seed and hoping for daffodils! No matter how great the intentions, you still get stuck in the end!
Travis Hedrick

Is there any doubt that the people you expect to frustrate you never fail to live up to that expectation?
Travis Hedrick

“There is a difference between a manager and a leader. Anyone can be a manager and tell others what to do; there is no investment and no reward. It takes a unique person, however, to be a leader. Only a true leader can invest into a person and reap the rewards of their investment at later time.”
Travis Hedrick

Honesty is a long lost art form resigned to the archives of famous quotes and a few lone ducks in a pond of hypocrites.
Travis Hedrick