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Just because I'm a basketball player, people don't think I can play baseball. That's all it is, letting people know I've got skills and I'm not just a basketball player. I've got other talents.
Tracy McGrady

It offends me, ... I've been in this league nine years. I come to the game sometimes in jeans and a T-shirt, and I don't think people look at that as me being a thug. I get endorsement deals because of the way I carry myself. The way that I dress doesn't have anything to do with the type of person I am.
Tracy McGrady

If we played the first two or three quarters like we played the last five minutes of that ballgame, it would have been a different outcome. We put that on ourselves, to be in a situation like that, to be down and wait for the last minutes to try to fight back and play with that intensity.
Tracy McGrady
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Steve Nash is the generator out there on the floor. With the players they have, he's perfect. I've never seen an exhibition like that (Phoenix's 109-75 rout of Houston on Thursday).
Tracy McGrady