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We've had patience with the freshmen and look at it from a game-to-game standpoint. We're trying not to measure things just on wins and losses. We're trying to gauge improvement. We're building anew and it takes time. Rodney has really helped us at the point.
Tommy Dempsey

I am very honored to be the next head basketball coach at Rider University. I will work tirelessly to reward (this) decision to name me as the next head coach in a program with such a proud tradition.
Tommy Dempsey

As a freshman, Rodney has shown great leadership qualities. He's really done a great job of getting the ball where it needs to go.
Tommy Dempsey
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We came in here to win tonight. I'm disappointed. I thought this was a game we could win.
Tommy Dempsey

This is what I consider to be the opportunity of a lifetime. I can't promise you what our record will be next year. I can't promise you how many NCAA tournaments we're going to play in. But I can promise you that I'll run a program that everybody associated with this great school is going to be proud of.
Tommy Dempsey

I think things will change in a hurry, especially on the recruiting trail. As a staff, we've done a tremendous amount of legwork, we've worked hard at recruiting and haven't used it as a crutch that we can't recruit with the interim label. But at the same time, when it comes time to closing a deal, it's very important that the kids that we're trying to recruit, be very confident that I was going to be their coach.
Tommy Dempsey
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