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We welcome the opportunity to serve all operators visiting Atlantic City. Our Blackwood, New Jersey, facility has been operating at peak capacity for a year now, so the timing is right for us to expand. We've seen a 25 percent increase in business nationwide, not including our new Nashville service center, and we believe it's because customers are recognizing our commitment to them. Our presence in Atlantic City should affirm that.
Tom Sorrells

It's a great time to be a part of MCI either as a customer or employee. Sales of our D4505 have exceeded our expectations and complement the continued popularity of the J4500, which continues to outsell every other model in the industry. We've planned carefully, and we anticipate a robust manufacturing schedule through at least 2007 as private operators and public agencies replace aging equipment or add newer, technologically advanced models to their fleets.
Tom Sorrells

Hopefully it will be raining for you come Saturday night. We don't have any rain for the moment and we won't until at least Saturday night.
Tom Sorrells