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There is no set line about where anybody in that school zone should go to school, ... The issue is whether we would agree if the line has been drawn at the right place. Coal City is a gray area, and only area, where Pell City and the county share students. Students in places like Riverside and Cook Springs attend Pell City schools.
Tom Sanders

Pell City can propose, and we can propose, ... We still have to go through attorneys and the U.S. Justice Department. There are some financial considerations where the line would be drawn.
Tom Sanders

I did recommend that we accept the resignation,
Tom Sanders

It has been the experience of other states that eradication has not been effective and is not practical, so Kansas at this point does not have any plans to even attempt eradication. If you see a hive, you can kill a hive, but to think you can exclude a pest like this from this state is impractical.
Tom Sanders