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No one was really doing it down here before. We started this out of a desire to do something new and challenge ourselves.
Tom O'Donnell

The fundamental safety and security of this card is the best in the industry. And we also have the most sophisticated fraud detection and prevention systems. More than 75 percent of the time, when a card is lost or stolen, we find out about it long before the customer does.
Tom O'Donnell

People rely too much on four-wheel drive. They think that's the fail safe, be-all and end-all solution. And you wind up seeing more four-wheel SUVs (than other cars) in the ditch.
Tom O'Donnell

It's really likely in the future customers will reach the same comfort with the cell phone as their credit card. The cell phone is more than just call making device. It's a content device with music and video and the opportunity is it could it be the way to make payments.
Tom O'Donnell