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It's the latest game featuring war-torn Germany, where shooters hunt Nazis and supernatural beings during World War II. The new game promises unmatched exploration, action and espionage.
Todd Hollenshead

I'm not really one to put words in John's mouth but what I do know is we've had 360 stuff for a while and it was relatively easy to bring our internal project onto 360,
Todd Hollenshead

It's all the cool stuff from Wolfenstein , a kind of Indiana Jones and X-Files world of science fiction. We're doing away with the concepts of levels, where you go from point A to point B. You won't be removed from the environment. Now it's all seamless and it will not even [have] the little loading bar at the bottom of the screen. Nothing will take you out of the world you are in.
Todd Hollenshead

Xbox owners can get a fresh dose of Hell with DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil. We're turning up the heat by arming you with incredible new weapons and powers for an all-out battle with the Hunters -- a new breed of demons Hell-bent on killing you.
Todd Hollenshead

It will be a name that people recognize,
Todd Hollenshead

Even down to the most insignificant detail, they had it exactly, ... it was as if you had stepped out of Prague into the year 2145 on a base on Mars.
Todd Hollenshead