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Sales have become so ubiquitous, they're meaningless.
Tod Marks

They were gritty. They were chalky, artificial flavor, stale, low chocolate intensity.
Tod Marks

We really struck a nerve. People told us in incredible detail what they went through to open these packages.
Tod Marks

Warehouse clubs started the whole revolution in packaging. There are no fancy displays or staff. It's barebones. What the clubs want to be able to do is put (the products) on a fork lift, crack open the box, slice the top off and hang up these perfectly symmetrical clamshells. It protects the package, shows off the products, travels well and protects against thieves.
Tod Marks

We get a lot of complaints from readers about packaging that drives them crazy. We, too, have pet peeves about certain package designs. So we asked our readers for specifics, and we went out and bought the worst examples of horrific packaging we could find.
Tod Marks