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President Bush's energy program won't help lower gas prices or slow global warming.
Toby Chaudhuri

This budget plan makes it harder for families to pay for college in South Carolina. This is the largest cut to federal student financial aid in history.
Toby Chaudhuri

It was one small step for President Bush, and one giant missed opportunity for America. The president's proposals focus primarily on research. His energy program won't help lower gas prices or slow the global warming that the president still does not admit is happening.
Toby Chaudhuri

The president called for ending our addiction to oil but there's no 12-step program in his budget. ... The president's energy policy ... is constrained by lack of imagination, scope, resources and an unwillingness to roll back subsidies to energy companies already enjoying record profits.
Toby Chaudhuri

Republicans can?t duck from Rep. DeLay?s legacy of corruption.
Toby Chaudhuri

They're calling this a technical vote. We call it another chance for members of Congress to take a stand in support of their constituents' needs and America's priorities or be on record against them.
Toby Chaudhuri
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