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Tim Sieber Quotes

Poor on-time performance is the airlines' fault to the extent that people want to buy their products - the fares are ridiculously low. There's a highly competitive market that benefits consumers because they'll get somewhere cheaply. They just might not get there on time.
Tim Sieber

The airlines are being constrained by an air-traffic control system that is billions of dollars behind where it needs to be financially and decades behind where it needs to be technologically.
Tim Sieber

You can't criticize Independence Air's management for trying something, but it was apparent it wasn't working after a month. They should have changed it then, but they were all too busy drinking the Kool-Aid.
Tim Sieber

Obviously the schedule charter business has not been successful for them.
Tim Sieber

It is costing more and more money to heat my home, more money to fill up up my car. It gives me less disposable income for a trip.
Tim Sieber