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The mentally handicapped (female), according to her parents, has the mental capacity of an 18-month-old,
Tim Scott

Our detectives have been following up on looking into the victim's background and who his associates are. Just trying to find out where he might have been, who might have seen him,
Tim Scott

I'm very pleased to finish in the top three, but I know from past experience that I got my work cut out for me. I want to thank the folks that voted for me and ensure them that I'm going to do my very best to represent them if I should make it through the general election. I very much hope they remember to come out on the general election and vote. I send my congratulations to the rest of them who made the top six and my condolences to the three who didn't make it through.
Tim Scott

I don't see any point in tabling the action. My impression is there are three council members who are opposed to the idea of giving the honorary name of Jim Kelly Way to Mason Road. To continue the hearing because they don't want the idea of honoring Jim Kelly to go away is not the right action to take. If they want to pursue the idea of naming something after Jim Kelly, then the other option should be pursued, but not through this proposal ... I understand Mayor Mike Edwards would consider tabling it to wait to see how Sunrise West's subdivision is finally platted, but if there are three people who are opposed to it, then there should be no reason to table it.
Tim Scott

What we're doing at Dow falls very much in line with what the secretary was talking about. We approach security from a risk management perspective, and we try to identify the right level of risk and the right approach to reduce that risk at all of our sites.
Tim Scott