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Tim Ray Quotes

I felt like we came to a good compromise tonight. Everybody was amicable. I think we actually got something accomplished tonight.
Tim Ray

We're complaining he used words which are false and intentionally reflect negatively on the municipality,
Tim Ray

I didn't really care, one way or the other. But it sounds like the people didn't want it, so that's the way it was voted. That's what it was all about — let the people vote. A majority of the people voted they do not want privatization, so we won't have it. We'll pick up and go from there.
Tim Ray

You know, a bad situation is getting a whole lot worse. We lost two more police officers in the last two days. We are fixing to get ourselves in a terrible jam.
Tim Ray

If I own my house, and I'm going to pay for the shingles, and I'm going to do the work, why do I have to ask the city's permission to do it, and then pay them a fee to ask for the permission?
Tim Ray

That's a luxury. We've been getting rid of necessities and now we're adding a luxury.
Tim Ray