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Tim McConnell Quotes

They have all the pieces of the puzzle. They have an inside game, good shooters and a good point guard to run the show. They're going to be tough to beat.
Tim McConnell

He's done a marvelous job at Moon. It's no surprise. I remember when he was working with me, how hard he worked -- breaking down film, scouting and knowing the opponent. He's doing the same thing there and having his team prepared. He's doing a great job with his kids.
Tim McConnell

He's well-rounded. He's not only a good basketball player, but he's a great kid as well.
Tim McConnell

We told the kids, 'Let's come out hungry' and they responded.
Tim McConnell

Even if we would've shot and made it, we would've never stopped them on the other end. Our best defense was our offense. If they can't shoot, they can't score.
Tim McConnell

There was an eternity left and I thought we could inch our way back into the game. Their size and athleticism played a role in that. They like to jump and block shots. That altered our shots a little bit.
Tim McConnell