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I was pretty impressed by the movie, especially as Hollywood history goes, but the story is kind of claustrophobic and isolated. You get no sense of what was going on in the wider culture,
Thomas Doherty

Just between you and me, if the f---ing commissioners of this state were any slower with this s---. I mean it got to a point where I called DeBuono on something on behalf of [Nassau County Republican boss Joseph] Mondello, and I said to her, 'You know you have a f---ing Democrat as your number two person, and you're telling me that I can't get my f---ing people hired?' And then Brad [then-Pataki Chief of Staff Brad Race] calls me up and says, 'You really can't call these people like that'. I'm like, 'Brad, does Barbara DeBuono work for us or do we work for her?' I said, 'Joe Mondello can't get a goddam job, and it still hasn't been done yet.' It's utter bulls---.
Thomas Doherty
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People associate him with anti-communism because of the media images. He is vivid in our minds in a way that other characters aren't.
Thomas Doherty