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Thomas Conway Quotes

This is a global steel world whether we like it or not, ... We believe labor needs a global solution.
Thomas Conway

U.S. Steel has operations in Serbia. We sent our safety and health technicians and experts over there for a couple of weeks. There shouldn't be differences in safety at steel mills regardless of what country they are in. U.S. Steel hasn't resisted that.
Thomas Conway

If we're going to deal with globalization we'll need to build a stronger labor organization. In that respect, it's no different than organizing was years ago.
Thomas Conway

We aren't trying to push them out; they are trying to push us out. The more people ensuring there is not discrimination in consumer lending is what we want, not fewer.
Thomas Conway

It's become a kind of system to bail out companies. People have been able to use it tactically, as a business strategy, and I don't think that's what Congress meant.
Thomas Conway