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It will be fantastic because the team can really work on their short game. I'm a big believer in that part of the game.
Therese Hession

The fall gave me the opportunity to see a lot of my new players in action and how the older players fit with them. It also gives me an idea of where their weaknesses are so we can build on them during the winter months and make corrections and improvements.
Therese Hession

They love to play. They're pretty tournament savvy. I think they'll make an impact. They're going to bring a lot of energy and a nice shot in the arm while lifting people's spirits because they badly want to play.
Therese Hession
#Spirit And Spirituality

I really think we're going to be a contender. I have no doubt about it. Even with as many new players that might make the lineup, the championship isn't until the end of April and we'll have a lot of time to work and develop their games. I think the tournament will be an interesting shootout and I'm interested in getting out and playing with them (the league) to see how we stack up.
Therese Hession