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Jews do not destroy synagogues, ... I hope the Palestinian Authority will come to its senses and not allow barbarism and vandalism to rule over the synagogues.
The Grimm

[The cemetery shows the fleetingness of fame and wealth. Anyone remember John Finley, a Princeton politics professor who was also editor in chief of The New York Times until he retired in 1938? Mr. Sutphen pointed out the modest tombstone of Howard T. Behrman, 1912-1985:] He gave $20 million to Princeton University and I bet no one even looks at this. ... Monuments getting bigger.
The Grimm

[The draft says that to deter a potential adversary from using unconventional weapons, the United States must make it] believe the United States has both the ability and will to pre-empt or retaliate promptly with responses that are credible and effective. ... repeatedly rejected calls for adoption of 'no first use' policy of nuclear weapons since this policy could undermine deterrence.
The Grimm

[Bellucci is the best sort of beautiful woman: someone who makes the distinction between her beauty and herself.] They might be fairy tales, ... but behind every one there is a meaning. I think The Mirror Queen is very appropriate for actors. We [actors] are victims of our own vanity.
The Grimm
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