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Teddy Keaton Quotes

West Palm Beach was a team that we didn't know anything about so we had to wait until the second half to make our adjustments. We came back and made adjustments and that is what football is all about.
Teddy Keaton

The fans can look forward to some exciting football. We want to make sure they are getting their money's worth.
Teddy Keaton

He saves a touchdown that keeps us in a ball game sometimes.
Teddy Keaton
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(Tisdale) called and was looking for a place to play. He wanted to be in a place that will showcase his talent.
Teddy Keaton

This game has more of a championship environment to it. It means a little more in the Atlantic Conference and it gives the fans a chance to see who has the best team right now as of the halfway point.
Teddy Keaton