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The Justice Department came to believe that cooperation from corporations wasn't real cooperation. And so the Department, in the Thompson memo, demanded 'authentic' cooperation from corporations. And now it's getting it.
Ted Wells

He has what I would call a very hard butt in that he can sit in an office for 12 hours at a stretch without moving from his desk. He will review and edit almost every question he intends to ask of a witness. He leaves absolutely nothing to chance. Each question and each series of questions is carefully crafted to make a specific point.
Ted Wells

We are concerned that the department's view of the law may now change because there is a new administration, and it is expedient to investigate an outspoken Democratic senator in a climate of political uncertainty in the Senate.
Ted Wells
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In pleading not guilty, he has declared to the world that he is innocent. He has declared that intends to fight the charges in the indictment, and he has declared that he wants to clear his good name ... he wants a jury trial. We do not intend to fight this in the press.
Ted Wells

Now, the government has set up a system where it's save the corporation by sacrificing the individuals. The independent directors hire a law firm, which becomes in effect a deputized prosecutor. And the individual executives are sacrificed to save the corporation.
Ted Wells

Eliot Spitzer gets his picture on the cover of Forbes and Fortune, and all of the other attorney generals want their pictures on the cover of magazines.
Ted Wells