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After Indy it was like 'engrave the trophy and give it to him,' ... We just wanted to keep working real hard. It's very seldom that a driver gets good luck all year long and we still had the capability to come back.
Ted Musgrave

This is the Olympics of racing.
Ted Musgrave

I think she'll be a very good contender. I don't think she'll win the championship I don't know if I can win it but it's great to see somebody like Erin coming in. It gives us notoriety and shows the diversity we have out there.
Ted Musgrave

Mark got his Christmas present because we had a plan. It's a last-lap deal where you just use the brakes real quick, let him shoot out, and then we come charging like a freight train.
Ted Musgrave

It just goes to show you that nobody's superman. I know what he's going to be going through, to some extent, and I feel for him. It's a shame he can't run while he's receiving treatment like I did, because sometimes the best medicine is getting to do what you love. But there are so many different types of cancer, and the treatments are all different, and evidently he's not able to do both.
Ted Musgrave
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