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Silicon Image continues to drive growth and innovation like few companies in our business while improving operational results. Our focus as a company is to continue driving the system architecture for the storage, distribution and presentation of high definition content in the consumer environment.
Steve Tirado

The transition to high-definition content demands an architecture for digital content delivery that is robust, high-performance and cost-effective. With today's announcements, Silicon Image continues to drive the architecture and standards that will define the consumer electronics and PC markets of tomorrow.
Steve Tirado

We're gong to move from millions of colors on the screen to zillions.
Steve Tirado

In 2005, Silicon Image delivered 23% top line growth and bottom line non-GAAP growth of 24% over 2004. Our focus on the storage, distribution and presentation of High Definition content is at the center of an unprecedented build out of digital products for the home and mobile environment. We are entering 2006 with strong market momentum for HDMI and expect to drive greater innovation in, and convergence between CE, PC and storage products as they address consumer market demand.
Steve Tirado