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Steve Sparks Quotes

I don't have the luxury to work on anything. I'm just going to go compete and ... try to get hitters out like I have from day one. Certain guys have the luxury of easing into the situation, but from the get-go I feel I have to pitch well and have good results.
Steve Sparks

Patrick's a little embarrassed by the signs. But it shows what his being at UK has meant to our community.
Steve Sparks

This is the first time in my life I haven't really gauged (his chances of making the team). I don't know how many pitchers they're going to carry; I don't know who's a lock to make the team.
Steve Sparks

I thought, let's do that, I don't have anything to lose. So I've prepared in that direction before. I wasn't trying to get back in, but once I made a decision, I gave it my best shot.
Steve Sparks

If they had anything in that arena, it would be an honor to work for this organization.
Steve Sparks