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The potential for technology to drive transformation in the healthcare arena is being brought to life by work conducted by industry innovators like St. Luke's. Working with partners like Siemens, Microsoft is leading a vision for a more connected healthcare system that empowers individuals and organizations to effect measurable improvements in the quality of patient care.
Steve Shihadeh

Building on Microsoft's agile technology, this group of leading industry partners helps bring our vision for health plans to life. The solutions framework that Microsoft and our partners utilize enables health plans to make more-informed decisions by offering access to real-time information and better collaboration across systems and organizations. Our solutions help drive better business decision-making and better health outcomes.
Steve Shihadeh

Mobile technologies increasingly enable real-time collaboration and access to information across the healthcare system, allowing for more informed decisions in clinical and administrative scenarios. Whether used for checking case-management records, consulting with a colleague, or any number of other important daily activities, mobile solutions empower people to generate efficiencies and reduce costs in the healthcare setting, but most importantly contribute to higher-quality patient care.
Steve Shihadeh

We view health around the world as the top industry for near-term growth for us. We have hundreds of people around the world who get out of bed in the morning and think about how to transform healthcare.
Steve Shihadeh