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Steve Sabol Quotes

There's no comparison. One of the tenets of football, its essence, is triumphing over adversity. That can be your opponent, your shortcomings or it can be the weather.
Steve Sabol

I've always believed in that famous quote from Karl Marx, something like; 'Men make history, but not under conditions of their own choosing.
Steve Sabol

No one used to care about halftime. But the Super Bowl has gone from a game, to an experience, to an event, to a holiday.
Steve Sabol

The NFL always seems open to innovation. Take the opener on Thursday. Now they take one game, make it special and have a celebration around it leading into a weekend of 'Kickoff Sunday.' That's great marketing.
Steve Sabol

Everything Lombardi stood for, everything that the Packers accomplished, all the principles that Lombardi has espoused for the last five years would be tarnished if they lost. He was as crabby and cranky and miserable as I'd ever seen him.
Steve Sabol