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Steve Matyczyk Quotes

A loss is a loss and we're going to learn from it. But baseball is a great game. You play three times a week, so you don't have time to dwell on it.
Steve Matyczyk

They?re all pretty equal. They throw strikes, so hopefully we won?t walk people. If guys throw complete games great, but if they don?t we have arms that can come in and help us.
Steve Matyczyk

Offensively, I think we haven't hit for a couple years. We need to really stress to the kids this year that we have to manufacture runs. I think we're coming around offensively. I've seen progress from the start of the season until now.
Steve Matyczyk

Potter threw a ton of innings last year, but we've got four, five guys that are pretty good. The consistency has been great because we don't have a No. 1. We haven't had a complete game yet and I don't know if we'll have one all year.
Steve Matyczyk