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Steve Liddle Quotes

This is kind of a weird thing, but maybe that's one of the reasons why we've settled down and played some solid ball because guys aren't pressing. I think that guys took a look back at what's really important and when you lose someone like Kirby, if you don't step back and look at what's really important in life, then you've got something wrong with you. That can help you ease up and relax.
Steve Liddle

During his days here, it was his clubhouse. If you stepped out of line, Puck was there to deal with you. It was like as a big brother. He was everybody's big brother. And you can see today with how everyone is feeling that he still has that impact on the clubhouse.
Steve Liddle

Most of these guys have never really had the opportunity to be around him. It's something that they've all been cheated on, because he's something special.
Steve Liddle

I think our power numbers are directly related to our franchise situation. Those guys cost money. Would you rather go with pitching and have a chance to win every night, or go with a power guy who can maybe carry you for a while but who also goes into slumps?
Steve Liddle