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We appreciate the cooperation and constructive dialogue between our organizations over the past few months and respect the hard work they've done to provide the information we requested. We're also offering our continued assistance as they move forward in ways that enhance their work and the public's confidence in all that they do.
Steve Gunderson

Now we are in the jobs revolution. We are living history. And we must have a skilled work force if we are going to compete.
Steve Gunderson

I look forward to contributing to that discussion. I think the whole movement toward improving the stewardship, the accountability of philanthropy [is essential].
Steve Gunderson

Foundations are clearly in an era of public scrutiny because we are growing in size and service, and in public awareness, It sends a signal to this sector to take steps to police itself.
Steve Gunderson

Based on what we know, none of the information we've seen suggests either legal or ethical violations. Because we've seen no evidence of inappropriate conduct, we're concerned that the motivations behind the inquiry are political rather than substantive.
Steve Gunderson

In order for Republicans to maintain control, they've gotta be able to show that can solve real peoples' problems, and obviously, for Bill Clinton, to minimize the traditional downturn of a midterm election, and really, his first two years is all he's got.
Steve Gunderson