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They spread the floor well. They drive hard. We got to get more offensive production to win the ballgame.
Steve Botkin
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We talk defense all the time. When out shots are not falling, we can still win a basketball game by playing good defense.
Steve Botkin

I'm very proud of her tonight. She hasn't had the range in the last few games. She's a gamer and I was pleased with her performance.
Steve Botkin

We were trying to do too much. They were cutting through the lanes really hard, but there was some unfortunate things that happened like a ball thrown too hard or a ball bouncing off a kneecap.
Steve Botkin

They played hard tonight. But in a game like this, you gotta have everything work for you.
Steve Botkin

I felt like we had a shot, the girls felt like we had a shot. We just couldn't put the ball in the hole.
Steve Botkin