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Stephen Kintner Quotes

We're really trying to reach out to people. We're trying to overcome the negative feelings people have about native plants and get more natives back in the system. We want people to see them as an attractive choice.
Stephen Kintner

Over the years, we produced about 2,000 trees, shrubs and other plant material per year. That doesn't include sea oats: we grew about 70,000 sea oats over the past three years.
Stephen Kintner

It's an amazing place. The scrub jays will come down and land on your head.
Stephen Kintner

Hopefully in the end, we will have citizens who are better educated about the environment and the importance of protecting it.
Stephen Kintner

We couldn't justify investing in improvements knowing we were going to have to move away. So when we looked at the economics, this is much better.
Stephen Kintner