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That's all it's meant to be, ... This is not a literary fiction. This is page-turning fiction that you take to the beach and read for diversion. If I do that, I've done my job.
Stephen Coonts

The Odyssey,' by Homer,
Stephen Coonts

When I got into it I realized that it needed Jake Grafton to give it an American center of focus that wouldn't be there without a strong American hero,
Stephen Coonts

It's just people from various walks of life in Cuba and what might happen to them
Stephen Coonts

War in the Air: True Accounts of the 20th Century's Most Dramamtic Air Battles by the Men Who Fought Them
Stephen Coonts

I had already done a two-chapter subplot on the second Cuban revolution in the book 'Under Siege' in 1990,
Stephen Coonts