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He wrote a new chapter, which was exporting the federal power of his office back to his state.
Stan Brand

The government doesn't accept pleas from people without getting information against others. I don't know if (DeLay) is next, but he's clearly within the scope of their sights. They've penetrated his office now.
Stan Brand

When this is all over, this will be bigger than any (government scandal) in the last 50 years, both in the amount of people involved and the breadth to it. It will include high-ranking members of Congress and executive branch officials.
Stan Brand

It is absolutely beyond the legal pale. It is an excessive and unprecedented use of congressional power.
Stan Brand

These people all shared transactions together. That's always something that worries defense lawyers.
Stan Brand

They have what they really need to spark the fire, with not one but two cooperating witnesses who were part of the conspiracy. No one can outrun a grand jury. No one can outrun a public integrity section that has now generated a full head of steam. ... Before this is over, people will be indicted.
Stan Brand