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All of a sudden Republicans trust judges to conduct the terrorism war? All of a sudden judges are the end all when it comes to national security?
Sid Francis

No one complained about the [NSA] spying during that administration. Now suddenly these Senators and a federal judge are shocked.
Sid Francis

Don't be surprised if Democrats win the White House one of their nominations to the Supreme Court is Judge James Robertson. Don't be surprised.
Sid Francis

These people including the liberals' lapdogs in the news media are actually lying to the American people by implying that the NSA is indiscriminately spying on Americans. That's baloney. They kept people in the United States under surveillance who were contacted by suspects in other countries.
Sid Francis

So Rangel compared the liberation of 26 million people with the murder of 6 million people. Only in his warped world is there any comparison.
Sid Francis